About Lynn Schaber
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Lynn Schaber is a career management coach who works with individuals in leadership roles who need to effectively manage teams, meet the challenges of organizational change, turn around difficult work relationships, operate with a big picture perspective and communicate successfully up, down and across the organization.

Before becoming a coach, Lynn worked at Elizabethtown Water Company in central New Jersey. She managed a staff of more than 20 and was a team leader for several key initiatives, including achieving ISO 9000 certification for the customer relationship management department. During this time, Lynn fine-tuned her ability to reach consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders, apply win/win negotiation strategies, and develop the potential of her team.

Lynn has experience in call center management, corporate communication and sales. She participated in a key organizational change management initiative which totally changed the landscape of the work flow process and the physical work environment.

Returning to college in her mid-thirties, Lynn earned a BA in communications from Rutgers University. She attended college part-time at night while working full time and raising a family and understands the challenges of balancing multiple roles.

While at Rutgers, Lynn was a board member of the student governing association and worked on a team that developed an undergraduate course on leadership. Her practical experience helped inform the process of designing a course that incorporated both a theoretical understanding and a practical application of leadership skills.

Lynn is a member of the International Coach Federation, the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association and the National Association of Women Business Owners.


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