Keynote Speaking


One of the secrets of success for any company is focusing on its most important asset, its employees. A focus on professional development brings a sustained ROI (Return On Investment). Today’s employees are looking for companies that are willing to make a commitment to their development.

Below are synopses of several presentations that I offer which discuss some of the essential skills and needs for professionals in the current work environment.

Ensuring Success for New Managers – Developing Their Leadership Potential

Have you ever wondered why your exceptional employee is only a mediocre manager? Does your company talk about developing a strong, deep bench of talent but doesn’t seem to realize its goal?  What can companies do to make a difference from the beginning to develop new managers? This talk discusses the most common struggles for new managers and the skills they need to build to be successful in their current role and beyond.

 I Know How to Communicate – I Talk All the Time

The skills of an effective communicator are key to successfully living life. Communication impacts all of our interactions at work, in relationships, and in our daily commerce with the outside world. Understanding the who, what and how of communicating will make the task easier and more successful. Communication is also about active, deep listening and understanding. This talk explores the nature of communication and ways to improve and enhance our personal style.

Why Are Great Questions So Important?

Did you know that your listener is more engaged and will retain more information when you ask a question? Would you believe that the questions you ask yourself are often unconscious and directly affect your behavior? Questions have tremendous influence over us and our relationship with others. Learn how to harness the power of questions and improve your results. Wouldn’t you like to get better at the art of crafting questions?

Work/Life Balance – Is It Possible? That Is THE Question

What is the secret to work/life balance? Rather than a formula, it is a mode of operation, a lens to look through when making choices and decisions. Work/life balance is unique to the individual and the circumstances. It is also a life strategy and a necessary benefit that we should all seek within our own organizations. This talk probes your personal strategy for work/life balance and ways to achieve it.

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