Super-Leaders Are Made

Many people have innate leadership qualities. But exceptional leaders — individuals we call super-leaders — put dedicated focus into acquiring master-level leadership abilities.

Potential Within helps you channel your full capabilities and whole self into your role, becoming the type of leader who:

  • Inspires and galvanizes others
  • Agilely communicates across diverse audiences
  • Recognizes and realizes untapped potential within their team
  • Embodies self-awareness, adaptability and resilience
  • Drives innovation and organizational impact
  • Maximizes bottom-line results and people-oriented outcomes

If you’re ready for the challenge of your career, we’re ready to guide you in achieving the rare combination of knowledge, wisdom and skills separating the best from the rest.

Meet Lynn Schaber

Master Certified Coach

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe people know they have the potential to achieve more. What’s missing is the right partner, champion, challenger and sounding board to help them tap it.

As that partner, I provide the space, framework and resources that allow you to explore, hone and activate what’s already within and become the super-leader you’re capable of being.

Quite simply, I see who you can be — and it’s my purpose to assist you in getting there.

How We Partner With


Potential Within is for leaders at all levels and organizations and teams of all types and sizes.
Find your path:



One-on-one coaching

Identify the super-leader skills you want to grow and make exponential increases in your capabilities through individual coaching with Lynn

Mastermind Groups

A unique opportunity to belong to a peer group with a specific focal point and a high level of connectivity, community and accountability.



Executive & Team Coaching

Increase performance, engagement, agility and innovation by building an organization of super-leaders.

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