In the past, executives were most often recognized for their expertise, their execution of objectives and their personal drive.

Less valued was their strength in “soft skills”. Their ability to communicate effectively, manage multiple priorities and lead and develop their teams.

Potential Within brings its Head + Heart Leadership philosophy to your organization to create a strong foundation for extraordinary leadership from both strategic and people-oriented perspectives.

Potential Within’s Executive Coaching helps leaders define their leadership philosophy and values, discover the gaps that are getting in the way of becoming super-leaders and help them navigate the turbulent waters that are inherent in any organizational culture.

One of the aspects of coaching with Potential Within that leaders most value is having someone from outside the organization who brings an objective perspective and can be a sounding board and thought partner.

The demands on leaders in today’s VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity) environment requires prioritizing multiple imperatives, delivering on key objectives, measuring progress and getting the best out of the team.

Leaders need to communicate effectively to advocate for their team, translate company objectives to team level objectives, collaborate effectively with other teams and secure buy-in for their ideas.

The Process

While the approach and specifics are customized to your executives’ needs and situation, the typical engagement includes the following:

  1. Discovery: Meeting with the client and key stakeholders to assess strengths, opportunities for growth and coaching objectives.
  2. Assessment: A personalized 360 feedback process to provide information to both the client and the coach about how they are perceived in the organization.
  3. Plan: Creating a roadmap of coaching objectives for achieving goals.
  4. Priorities: Defining the critical challenges and relationships to focus on and identifying blind spots for the client.
  5. Coaching: The coaching includes establishing key “experiments” for the client to test out new insights, behaviors and attitudes, as well as shadow coaching (observation of client in work discussions) and facilitating essential one-on-one discussions.
  6. Metrics: Checkpoints are established with key stakeholders to assess the changes taking place, measuring against the key goals and success targets established in the beginning and providing any course correction required.
  7. Completion: At the end of the coaching program, the client reports on milestones achieved and next steps for further growth and development.


  1. Leaders increase competency navigating and leading major change initiatives.
  2. Leaders’ teams meeting and exceeding their goals.
  3. Leaders develop members of their team to take on bigger roles and more responsibility.
  4. Leaders increasing their communications skills and executive presence.
  5. Leaders’ teams becoming more innovative and agile.
  6. Leaders strengthen their strategic thinking.
  7. Leaders create more collaborative environments between different teams.


Potential Within works with large international enterprises, small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits to transform executives into impactful leaders who achieve business objectives, retain top talent, increase innovation, forward and manage change and give organizations the edge in the marketplace. Let’s talk about your organization’s needs and what we can achieve together.