Every leader seeking to crack the code to leadership beyond the ordinary needs support at critical junctures in their career, so coaching tailored to your situation (over a training program, for example) is essential for making sure that the coaching support addresses your unique needs and goals.

Potential Within customizes the work we do with leaders at different levels and brings an approach based on the latest capabilities and skills that shape a leader to be exceptional in today’s environment.

It’s called Head + Heart Leadership, and it’s a masterful, progressive and inspiring way to lead your team and organization. Through it, you will achieve results that elevate your reputation and create positive outcomes for your organization. 


The heart of any coaching engagement is developing trust in your coach so you can take an honest look at how you are showing up as a leader and decide what needs to change.

Through our coaching partnership, you’ll experiment with new behaviors and we’ll debrief the results together.

In this way, I help you step onto a virtual balcony from which you’ll have a better perspective of yourself and your work. In short, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Assess who you are as leader right now.
  • Determine the type of leader you want to be and lead with intention.
  • Grow your capabilities and increase your impact.
  • Demonstrate your progress.

While the best way to determine if working with Potential Within coach Lynn Schaber is the right choice for you is to schedule a conversation, here’s a top-line of the coaching process and what you can expect.

Getting Started

We’ll begin our engagement together with a deep dive into your current situation, seeking to understand who you are, your professional development goals and your vision for yourself — who you want to be by the end of the coaching engagement.

Identifying Your Coaching Focus

Once I know you inside and out, we’ll identify key areas of focus. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Improving Communication Skills
    • Enhancing your self-awareness of your communication style
    • Adapting your communication style to your audience
    • Learning how to exact influence (even if you haven’t “earned” the official authority yet)
    • Learning how to inspire and motivate others
    • Becoming an expert negotiator
  • Enhancing Executive Presence
  • Sharpening Strategic Thinking
  • Navigating Interpersonal & Organizational Conflict
  • Effectively Managing Your Team & Leaders on Your Team Who Manage Others
  • Developing Your Direct Reports
  • Managing Difficult Relationships
  • Mapping Your Career Development
  • Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Leading in a Virtual World
  • Starting a Challenging New Position or Assignment
  • Leading in a VUCA World (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity)
  • Becoming an Authentic Leader

Tapping Into Your Thought Partner

Throughout our engagement, I will be available to you as a thought partner, sounding board, challenger, support system and more.

I’ll be there to celebrate your successes and also to help you process when things don’t go your way.

So, while we will have specific goals to achieve and a tight process, you can count on me to be there for what’s happening at any moment.

Through my decades of coaching leaders like you, I’ve found that any need or circumstance that arises during coaching ends up forwarding progress toward priority goals.

Ready For

Exponential Impact?

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